Research Projects

Scientific and medical publications from projects supported by The Mother and Baby Trust

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The Mother and Baby Trust has helped to fund the following projects over the past 15 years:

Projects Completed

  • Understanding why some babies fail to grow in the uterus.
  • Early detection of problems associated with twin pregnancies
  • The reason for the escalating incidence of gastroschisis (a defect in the fetal abdominal wall) in the South West region.
  • Understanding hydrops fetalis (swollen babies) and the effect on mother and baby.
  • Investigating the role of VEGF in pre-clampsia
  • Improved ways to predict problems in unborn babies with Rhesus Disease
  • Malaria in pregnancy associated with small babies.
  • Determining whether an episiotomy is necessary whendelivering by ventouse or forceps.
  • Investigating the causes of labour

Projects in Progress

  • Identification of proteins in the blood in order to predict the onset of labour
  • Detection of fetal DNA in maternal blood for prenatal diagnosis of pre-eclampsia and growth of small babies

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