Where has your money been spent?

AIMS of The Mother and Baby Trust

  • To raise money to provide a source of funding for projects and research related to the problems of the mother and her unborn baby.
  • To promote awareness in the community of the problems encountered for unborn babies and new ways of preventing or treating them.
  • To organise meetings and courses for the further education of doctors and midwives in the fields of fetal and maternal medicine.

The Mother and Baby Trust has recentlyhelped to fund:

  • A film to raise awareness about mental health in pregnant women
  • 3 and 4D imaging techniques to help diagnose complex brain anomalies
  • Enhanced training for improving knowledge of how to care for pregnant women with diabetes
  • Development offetal therapyprogramme including in-utero LASER for twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome
  • Presentation of research that suggests women taking beta-blocker medication grow smaller babies
  • Professional meetings to share recent knowledge about fetal medicine
  • Presentation of research on pre-eclampsia
  • Professional meetings for doctors to understand how to look after women with heart disease and other medical problems in pregnancy.
A part of "Above and Beyond" - Registered Charity Number 229945